How To Make Money With Dropshipping As A Blogger In 2021

Is it possible to generate money via dropshipping and Shopify?

You’ve had a lot of success with your blogging since you have amazing content and a loyal audience. You’re making a profit. Everything is going smoothly. So what happens after that?

What other options do you have to take to deliver directly to the customer your blog to the next level and make it even more profitable?

To be realistic, there are indeed a lot of great methods to generate money with a blog, however, the secret to blogging success is to diversify your sources of income.

Dropshipping is an excellent strategy to grow your blog and business. It’s easy to use, affordable and has a low entry barrier. It may be used to find and sell excellent things to your target audience.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a method of retail fulfillment in which a store does not keep an inventory of the things it sells. When a store employs the dropshipping technique to sell things, it purchases the items from a third-party vendor and delivers them directly to the customer. As a result, the seller no longer has to deal with the product directly.

The most significant distinction between dropshipping and traditional retail would be that the selling merchant does not own or stock inventory. Alternatively, the seller fulfills orders by purchasing goods from a third party. Usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—as needed.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, isn’t as simple as it appears. Many people are wondering, “Will I make a profit with dropshipping?”

As a blogger, you’ve most likely developed a strong brand. Your established internet following also provides you with a fully prepared customer base to market to. However, it’s extremely competitive due to its accessibility. And there’s a big emphasis on developing a brand to make your store stand out.

How To Make Money With Dropshipping As A Blogger

To market your brand, form a community

You have a great network behind you as a blogger with constant website traffic and a large following. Why not reproduce this network on Facebook? Your readers come to your blog countless times for more of the amazing, strong content you publish.

You may already have a Facebook group specific to your blog. This is probably where you would share updates and your readers may connect and talk about industry matters. If you don’t have a Facebook group yet, now is the time to create one.

Reasons why Facebook is a good platform to promote your brand

Facebook is an excellent way to connect with your audience. It allows you to market your new dropshipping business directly to your audience via Facebook ads. This is in addition to growing your existing network.

Your Facebook group can also be used to promote your new business as well as supply you with a variety of customer insights. Use it to figure out what your readers are interested in, and then use that information to influence your marketing plan.

Additionally, Facebook can assist you in perfecting your dropshipping item. Inviting your readers to share their thoughts and comments on your business helps you shape it.

Moreover, to grow your community, engage with micro-influencers in your industry. This ties your company with well-known individuals in your sector. You can then extend your consumer base and boost your brand.

Target a new customer base using Facebook ads

If you’re serious about making money with dropshipping and blogging, you should use Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are cheap, easy to use, and effective. They’re also highly adaptable, with carousels, canvas, and even video advertising options for promoting your business to potential customers.

For one, you can build Facebook ads that center on your products by generating unique selling propositions that are in line with the goal of your blog.

Take distinctive, high-quality images of your products. Instead of just using stock photos provided by dropshipping providers. This will involve purchasing, testing, and shooting all of your products at this time. But it will be well worth it.

Remember, though, that you aren’t only advertising to your current customers. Because you’re targeting a completely new market, it’s critical that your marketing reflects this. Don’t think that people are familiar with your brand. Instead, offer them a cause to click and learn more about it.

Then go back to your blog’s unique selling proposition. That’s what sets you unique from the competition. And it’s how your Facebook ads will bring in new visitors.

Now, since you already have data analytics from your blog, you could use custom audiences to efficiently target your advertising. This is to a whole new audience exceeding your present readers.

Dropshipping can be integrated into your blog

After you’ve decided which products you want to dropship, you’ll need to choose a sales channel that works with your site.

If you’re a seasoned WordPress blogger, you’ll most likely turn to third-party plugins for help. Dedicated extensions are available on many dropshipping websites. AliExpress, for example, has its own WordPress plugin, AliDropship.

Bloggers can purchase products from AliExpress and sell them directly on their WordPress blogs for a one-time fee. It’s very simple to set up, so even individuals who find coding difficult can profit from it.

However, scalability is a challenge with these types of plugins. You’re undoubtedly reading this post because you wish to expand your blogging career into something more substantial. You may enhance your thriving business past dropshipping by using an eCommerce store plugin like Shopify or Woo-commerce.

Building a store from the bottom up can take a long time, which is why dropshipping appeals to so many people. Thus, purchasing a business with a pre-made store and marketing structure is a feasible option.

Additionally, connecting your email, social media, and content campaigns between your blog and dropshipping store could save you money on marketing. Seasonal contests, online reviews, and vlogs are just a few ways to use your blogging skills to promote your products.

What’s next after dropshipping?

While easy and rewarding, dropshipping as a sole source of revenue isn’t always feasible in the long run. As a small business, you’ll be in a pricing war with your competitors, with everyone trying to offer the greatest bargain.

Similarly, when your company grows, you may find yourself wanting to take deliver a bigger piece of the pie. As a result, you must begin to think about expanding your product line. What do you have to offer your customers that no one else does?

Consider your blog. Why do people come back to it over and over again? Is it feasible to make money off of your expertise by creating a new product or service?

Let’s assume you’re a Siberian Husky specialist dog blogger. Why not offer an online course that instructs new puppy owners on how to properly train their new pet?

If you’re a mama blogger, you could also contact a clothing print business to produce a collection of branded baby stuff. If you truly want to make income using dropshipping, the options are unlimited. To come up with creative ideas, simply think beyond the box.

However, don’t overlook dropshipping. It still earns you money, and you can use it to market test possible items before investing money in them.

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