Pre-made Dropshipping Stores: Purchase One Or Build Yourself?

If you’re considering beginning a new dropshipping business, you may have come across the option of purchasing premade dropshipping stores. Perhaps, it has been offered to you from one of the many websites that sell them.

Many people are discussing if buying a pre-built dropshipping store is a good idea for a newbie. Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss whether you should buy a ready-made dropshipping store or build one yourself.

What are premade dropshipping stores?

Dropshipping stores that are already built are a new eCommerce concept that saves time and money. A fully prepared store saves you time and money by avoiding the headache of beginning from scratch.

With a pre-built store, you’ll have access to a plethora of management tools and applications. These will assist you in driving more sales more quickly.

The icing on the cake, on the other hand, is a dropshipping store. You can get started with pretty minimal money. Also, you won’t have to worry about managing listings or inventory costs. As a result, the overhead is kept low.

Brand-New Premade Dropshipping Store

The brand-new one is the most prevalent type of readymade dropshipping store. The most basic tasks of starting your own business, such as setting up a Shopify account, choosing a domain and products, and designing your website, have already been completed.

A ready-made dropshipping store of this type would cost you at least $50 and $150 USD.

Turnkey Dropshipping Store

A turnkey dropshipping store is designed to assist amateurs in getting their business up and running quickly. On the website, almost everything has been done. It mostly consists of high-quality products, as well as a premium domain name and product descriptions.

The purpose is to “turn the key” and start selling right away. Although, keep in mind that sales do not happen by themselves. You will have to market your store yourself. Furthermore, several third-party sellers provide pre-built turnkey dropshipping stores.

This kind of premade dropshipping store will cost you around $300 and 900 dollars.

Already-Running Premade Dropshipping Stores

We’ve discussed premade dropshipping stores that haven’t yet generated any sales. But owners of already-running dropshipping stores may choose to start a new project or work on something else. As a result, they’ll sell their existing store.

In comparison to other dropshipping companies, these have the following advantages. Because you know that the goods will sell. You also have creatives for your marketing, customer data, and social media profiles with followers.

The most successful premade dropshipping stores can cost you anything from $1,000 to millions of US dollars!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Pre-Built Dropshipping Store


It helps you save time by accelerating the procedure

Dropshipping products save you a lot of time because they don’t require any inventory, packing, or shipping. Most of the important components of your pre-built dropshipping store will already have been set up. Thus, saving you time on website design and development.

As a result, you may concentrate most of your efforts on marketing, promotion, and management of your online presence.

Reduced expenses

Costs for choosing suitable products, constructing a quality website, and developers’ fees all pile up quickly. This can cause huge capital in any dropshipping store that is developed from the ground up.

Spending $200 to $300 on a pre-made store, on the other hand, is a worthwhile investment on your part. You will receive a business ideally formed around a theme and filled with successful dropshipping products.

It saves you money on inventory hoisting

You don’t even need to invest in inventory or storage to mass-produce your products with premade dropshipping stores. As a result, providing a low beginning cost reduces the need to invest in a real warehouse or manufacturing.

Furthermore, whenever it goes to assembling merchandise and hiring workers, it saves time and money, resulting in lower initial costs.


Lack of creativity

Creating premade dropshipping stores could lead to a similar pattern of stores. You may buy one of these stores out of curiosity. But it could be one of the hundreds of other store owners offering the same things. As a result, you won’t be able to express yourself creatively.

When too many people own and sell the same goods from the same seller or provider, saturation occurs. This can be exceedingly spammy. Designing your store, on the other hand, looks at your concept in a favorable way than other minds.

Lack of product research

Finding the proper product to suit in perfectly with your objectives is essential in a competitive business model like dropshipping. Because you are competing not only with other dropshipping items but also with niche-specific enterprises.

In the shortest period of time, several premade dropshipping stores might be filled with similar items with no product research.

Modifying can lead to complications

Pre-built stores will undoubtedly reduce the time you spend finding products and importing them into your stores. However, if your store grows in popularity and you want to make changes to it, you may run into a slew of problems.

Thus, you either quickly grasp the operation of your website or invest more money to hire a pro to do so. Furthermore, learning what each function on your website implies so that you can pick it up and execute it will take more time and effort.

Completely reliant on third-party vendors

Even though you trusted that your order was delivered to a well-known and reliable source, backstabbing has always been a serious consequence of dropshipping. When it comes to product purchases, packaging, shipping, and delivery time, you’ll always be in a pickle.

If a third-party provider goes out of business unexpectedly or fails to fulfill an order as agreed, you run the risk of clients losing trust in your services. These implications will be endured by you as a retailer in the form of a customer complaint.

Hence, you should consider these challenges in order to provide a smooth business experience. More importantly, you should have a solid backup plan to deal with any delays.

Final Thoughts

The pre-built dropshipping store appeals to you, and you begin to envision a business without curves and pits. But things come as a complete surprise. Isn’t that, after all, how an eCommerce business is supposed to work?

Now that you’ve learned about premade dropshipping stores and their advantages and disadvantages, you’re probably wondering if it’s smart to purchase one.

We recommend that you learn how to design a store that is somewhat simpler than displayed and include your ideas in it. We recognize it as an important part of marketing that you must grasp. A premade dropshipping store, on the other hand, is the way to go if you’re in a rush to begin a dropshipping business and start selling right immediately.

Because a dropshipping store does not always succeed online. Perhaps even one mistake might bring a mountain crashing down. But your success would still be based on your situation.

To overcome any obstacle, be innovative and persistent. You must trust your intuition and choose the option that will benefit you in terms of both revenue and character.

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